Basic HTML Forms

Basic HTML Forms (i.e. good old <form>s with no JavaScript or AJAX) are awesome. At FormJam, we embrace them fully!

There are a few quirks to be aware of:


FormJam Forms must use method="POST"

<form method="POST" action="">

Redirect Behaviour

HTML Forms cause the browser to navigate, which means we have to tell it where to go once the form is submitted.

If your form submission is successful:

  • if you've specified a redirectUrl in your Form's configuration, FormJam will redirect to it.
  • if you haven't defined a redirectUrl, the API will return a success page generated by FormJam.

If there are any errors in submitting your form:

  • if you have specified an errorRedirectUrl in your Form's configuration, FormJam will redirect to it. The redirect will have appended to the querystring ?error=true&&errors=... where errors is the validation errors object serialized using qs.stringify().
  • if you have not specified an errorRedirectUrl but a have specified a redirectUrl, this URL will be used instead, also with the error querystring.
  • if neither have been specified, the API will return a failure page generated by FormJam.