What is FormJam?

FormJam lets you build Contact Forms without building a backend.

FormJam's goal is to enable you to rapidly build Contact Forms for your website without hassle, whilst giving you complete control of your User Interface.

Though you can use FormJam on any website with an HTML Form, FormJam works best for Jamstack sites built with Next.js, Gatsby, and other Static Site Generator frameworks.

Check out our 🍯 Examples section to see some pre-made snippets of contact forms we have already built for you.


We have a library of ready-to-use examples for a variety of frameworks for you to build a simple contact form in minutes.

If there's a framework or technology we're missing that you think we should add, reach out to us at

Why use FormJam?

Because building a good Contact Form is *deceptively time consuming*.

Check out our blog post on this very topic....